I was digging through the archives this week and found another of my favorite productions: MisRolas TV.

The show was created in 2006 as part of our media strategy for MisRolas.com, one of the first digital music download sites for the U.S. Latino and Latin American markets.

Originally designed as a series of music and entertainment-focused video segments for the misrolas.com website, as well as for distribution on mobile devices (on-deck with AT&T and Cricket Wireless), we later decided to produce a short pilot, which we pitched to Spanish-language media outlets including Telemundo and Liberman Broadcasting. The idea was to use the show as a lead generator for the music site, and bring in corporate sponsors to pay for the production.

MisRolas.com specialized in all types of Latin music, from regional Mexican to rock to pop, folk, and everything in between. Our catalog included labels from all over the U.S., Latin America, and Europe. It was an extremely rewarding experiment, but unfortunately was ahead of its time, and we eventually were forced to close down the site.

The pilot we shot for TV lives on. I had the opportunity to work with some great people, including my partners Mauricio Delgado and Hugo Gonzalez, as well as Steve Rosen of TV Magic, who provided a lot of the support structure that allowed us to shoot the project.

Our hosts included Laura Caro, a former contestant on La Academia who worked in a team with Oliver Ochoa, a singer from Mexico, Jorge Rugerio, a respected radio DJ in Mexico City and expert on Latin rock, Ricardo Otero, a radio DJ from San Diego, and el Kaiman, a TV personality from the Los Angeles area.

The show was shot by Jay D Waxman, David Dichter, Brooks Loro, and John Niewiadomy, and edited by Karla Martinez.

The music was written, produced, and performed by Diego De Pietri, with animation by Ricardo Ruiz-Dana in Mexico City, and Mike Lafata in San Diego. We shot the intro segments at Signature Sound Studio in San Diego. Iris Corral did an amazing job coordinating all the interviews.