SuperStuff TV is one of my favorite past projects. Launched in 2007, the music-focused show featured artist interviews, coverage of music events, and album reviews. We produced the show in segments that lent themselves to Web and mobile distribution, and eventually landed the video content on-deck with AT&T. We also secured a channel on the short-lived Cricket Wireless mobile TV service.

A few members of our creative team had previously worked on the FoxRox TV show on Channel 6 here in San Diego. That show had recently been cancelled, and our executive producers at TV Magic had great contacts at the station, having designed and built their broadcast studios in Kearny Mesa. We decided to shoot a rough pilot for television.

Mike Dawson of the Adam Carolla radio show was our host, assisted by British model Naomi K. We also were thankful for the generous help of music guru Tim Pyles. The production team included myself, Kurtis Strange (who came up with the show’s name, as well as the awesome car featured in the pilot), Mike Lafata, John Niewiadomy, and Brooks Loro.

The production was a lot of fun, especially the day we shot at the West Beach Music Festival in Santa Barbara. It was a blast doing interviews with Adam Carolla and the band Sugarcult.

Take a moment to watch the video and check out the images below. The storyboards, created by Mike Lafata, are from the planned show intro and were inspired by 1960s-era intro animation sequences from shows like the Wild Wild West and I Spy.